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We provide a holistic approach to integrated planning that is an intelligent blending of physical, economic, social and environmental design.

Our land-use team consists of urban planners, economists, engineers land and environmental management issues designers. Their collaboration strikes a seamless balance between functional design, aesthetic character, and cost effectiveness. We design places of purpose with a combination of a unique physical and economic creative vision for a specific myriad of clients within the public and private sectors.

URBANA's team of planners,  engineers, economists and project administrators offers the full range of services for residential, commercial, health care, educational, and institutional facilities. Each and every project  we embark in reflects its intended economic meaning and justification in function,  place and urban dynamics context.




1.    Long Term View
2.    Sustainability of Natural Resources and Energy Consumption
3.    Community Input and Social Awareness
4.    Economics Rationale on Cost, Timeline and Resources use.
5.    Volunteering, Neighbourhood Integration and Citizens Participation





  • Pre-feasibility, feasibility, and Final Designs: Public-Private Facilities, Housing, tourism, industrial, commercial, etc.
  • Comprehensive studies for municipal and private capital investment.
  • Urban and regional strategic planning.
  • Comprehensive Market Research: Planning, Integration, Management.
  • Public-Private Partnership Projects
  • Demographic and special population studies
  • Social, community and housing affordability studies
  • Economic studies, econometrics and economic simulation models
  • Geographic information systems (GIS) development and applications
  • Systems for cadastre recording and management of basic infrastructure
  • Digital mapping and Remote Sensing
  • Regulatory and legal aspects of land use and development, codes, and permitting
  • Location and assessment of properties for desired uses
  • Real state Research and best use/value enhancement strategies for properties
  • Urban, landscape, architectural and interior design
  • Historic preservation, restoration and rehabilitation