URBANA possesses on the ground working experience for over 20 years in the Americas and Caribbean regions. The firm has successfully completed more than 200 contracts that speak for themselves on the professional exposure that has been developed as part of the firm’s credentials in urban development, feasibility, and final design assignments for a whole array of topics and disciplines.


URBANA is known for its ability to work with multiple stakeholders on sensitive issues of disaster risk, management from the technical, governance, financial, training and policy assessment perspectives. A key part of the firm’s success is based on our team’s ability to work closely at the local level with governmental stakeholders and the development agencies involved in many of its contracts.


URBANA’s professional services are diverse and reflect the evolving needs of our clients. From more than two decades of fully implemented institutional development projects to more than 80 urban planning development projects that are fully implemented, URBANA has demonstrated expertise and capacity that has fully met its clients’ needs.


URBANA’s services have facilitated effective decision-making and developed best practices in project relationships between government, industry and communities. Our work on our clients’ behalf have established the paths to mutual understanding and for successful agreements between affected parties through facilitating trust and minimizing conflict.


URBANA has available a Team with broad and recent experience in most of its undertakings and maintains partnerships with other firms to make sure solutions and human resources can be mobilized as needed by its clients in the region.