servicesURBANA provides consulting services in:


  • Urban and Regional Planning: Development of Technical Planning and Socioeconomic Instruments
  • Comprehensive consulting services that include field work and the development of databases
  • Design and implementation of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and systematization of information and Topographic Mapping
  • Systems Integration: Implementation of integrated and automated land information and property tax management process.
  • Design and implementation of information systems including: performance management, human resources management, economic and financial components as well as procurement tools.
  • Design studies: analysis of urban space as a result of the impact of economic and social development, as it relates to the city┬┤s growth and the community relations and architectural expressions.
  • Environmental studies: establishing a baseline to determine environmentally sensitive areas and identification of management practices to respond to particular areas.
  • Impact assessment: establishing public consultation programs, community development plans and resettlement plans within the context of social responsibility.
  • Urban Demography and Population Studies.