URBANA maintains a broad network of international practicing professionals. Our professional services are diverse and reflect the evolving needs of our clients. URBANA has provided policy, regulatory, and technical support to all levels of governments lending institutions and to NGO’s sector as well.

Our approach to consulting is designed to be inclusive and participatory aims to work with stakeholders, information sharing and participation of key stakeholders in decision-making.

Project Management:
URBANA`s projects are always looking for high performance management, environmental preservation and optimization of energy consumption which clearly defines the commitments, participation levels and establishes the responsibilities of supervision and management control in light of technical progress and costs.

Quality Control:
URBANA´s management system is based on a series of project management functions with the latest technology, use of equipment to satisfy specific information needs and communication for each project.

URBANA has a comprehensive approach to quality control (QC) that is developed as one of the first steps of any multilateral consulting project. Depending on the scope of the project, QC procedures are used to obtain an informed opinion on a proposed approach to ensure the credibility and quality of information used.

Code of Conduct:
URBANA´s team takes on all of your requests, employs an ethical approach and principles of honesty in their work. Research and professional practice is guided by international principles of ethical conduct in the practice of consulting.